Shipping and return policies for Subject To Restrictions Discs

Shipping Info
Thank you for ordering directly from us - by doing so, you are directly supporting us and helping to ensure that we can continue to provide a platform for exciting music in the future.

A few details and things to note about shipping:

- We use standard shipping methods carried out by Swiss Post ( and its partner organisations worldwide.

- If you are interested in tracked/traced shipping. Contact us, these are special rates.

- Please contact us before ordering more than 3 items or a combination of different items to get a more accurate shipping price.

- We declare the shipment and contents correctly and are not responsible for any costs (handling fees, import fees or additional taxes) caused by customs or the local post office.

- This is a one-man operation. Items are normally dispatched within 7 working days but slight delays may occur.

If there are any questions left, please feel free to send us an email:
Return Policy
Subject To Restrictions Discs is not responsible for lost or damaged packages. Thanks for your understanding.

A few details and things to note about the return policy:

- Our records are carefully packed in cardboard boxes designed for this purpose.

- If you would like the records to be shipped outside the sleeve, please leave a note when ordering. This requires that cellophaned records be opened.

- Of course, there is a warranty on records if it affects the sound. No refund or replacement for cosmetic damage caused by shipping.

- In the event of a return (e.g. because the package could not be delivered or was not collected), the order will be shipped again upon payment of the shipping price.